Wednesday, July 14, 2010

personal mail

Show you this nice cover I got in June from Holger. It has two nice personalized stamps from France on it with my stampfriend Holger on them. The cover has nice cancellation of the "Salon Planete Timbres" A great stampexhibition in Paris in June 2010. Like this on and also the nice design of the stamp.

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


As a collector from -also- Danish used stamps I like to receive mail from Denmark. Sometimes it is hard for the mailman to put cancellations on the stamps. This letter did have a fragcancellation on the backsite of the envelop. I see it more often these day's. Finland, Canada for instance do have also this "problem". Still nice stamps and even if they have no cancellation, they are used.

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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

New logo stamp

Just show you some stamps with my logo. They are on the tab from a     
 € 0,44 stamp. These stamps are for mail into the Netherlands <20gram. Just ordered these before my holidays in France. Happy I did, because on July 1st our TNT changed all stamps into 1 or 2 stamps, also the personalized ones. They say thats more easy (for them) , already a lot of countries have this or something like it. Happy I ordered 50 pcs thats the total amount and I can't order more like these. What to do, keep them or use them, will also sell some.

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Sunday, July 04, 2010

Tour de France

If you like the Tour and also collect stamps with bikes on it, you will have to invest a lot if you "need" all stamps MINT.  This year the French Tour started at Rotterdam, which city was 3 days a bit out of order all for the cyclists and the commercials of course also. "Our" TNT , even I am not sure about that, did issued a sheet with 10 stamps.
These are also one of the first stamps with a new value on it. 1.  not an euro or eurocent but just the information that your letter or postcard <20 grams will be delivered in The Netherlands. So bye with the stamps with € 0,44 on it. Also personalized stamps will have the 1 on them, show it later.
Don't think that we collectors like this new move from the TNT. Also information about it is very slow and low....


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