Sunday, July 04, 2010

Tour de France

If you like the Tour and also collect stamps with bikes on it, you will have to invest a lot if you "need" all stamps MINT.  This year the French Tour started at Rotterdam, which city was 3 days a bit out of order all for the cyclists and the commercials of course also. "Our" TNT , even I am not sure about that, did issued a sheet with 10 stamps.
These are also one of the first stamps with a new value on it. 1.  not an euro or eurocent but just the information that your letter or postcard <20 grams will be delivered in The Netherlands. So bye with the stamps with € 0,44 on it. Also personalized stamps will have the 1 on them, show it later.
Don't think that we collectors like this new move from the TNT. Also information about it is very slow and low....



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