Sunday, February 26, 2006

Building anti flue roof.

Today no blogg (!) Have to build a roof for my chickens so they can stay outside.
Just a picture of a goose who is prepered against the flue..... Ás I can see, we have a lot of

goose in the forlands of the river Waal which is 1 km away from our home, the most are not prepered against flue.

Go to work now....

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Nice birds

Nice postcard with ducks.

These ducks could bring the flue to us, maybe not this type of birds but the flue is comming.

Not to hope the H5N1 virus. turns into another virus what is killing people also. In The Netherlands we don't have it yet, but its a matter of time I think. My chickens have to go insite or must have a roof on their head.

Will start soon with building such a thing.

Still some chickenstamps for trade , flue free..

The chickens on this pictiture were killed in the last war against flue.( 2003)

Thursday, February 09, 2006

New Cards and FDC

Just back from my monthly Stampclub Evening. Some member did have some nice cards and a Premier Jour d'emmission of Bénin. 5-10-1978. I show you the last and also a card from a type of chicken my son breed. In Dutc its called "Sabelpootkriel" I have no idea about the translation of that. Also I bought some stamps in the auction and also about 25 different USA letters with old stamps and some other Philatelic items. Maybe show them one time or put them on my Delcampe shop.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Collect a Topic and how to present that.

I collect chickenstamps, think you noticed that. Now I put all them away in a stockbook but I want to make it "better looking" . I have this situation how to start that. I am going to make my A4 albumsheets but how further. Shall I collect them by country ?. That is maybe the best way to have an overview about the stamps you have or don't.
For instance Dutch chickens like this :

I can tel then that the first was issued in 1950 and was for Childrens Welfare. In fact the other two are also. 1962 feeding the chickens and 1996 Girl with animals. You can tell then a lot about these stamps. 1996 a total of 1.087.078 stamps were sold.

Also you can make visual the life of the chicken. Still that question , what was first, egg or chicken. For explanation look here, your problem is solved for always.

If you still have your doubt, never see an egg laying a chicken, several times saw the other way around.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Yesterday's picture

Here the missing picture of yesterday.
Also some "paintings" from bead. My mother in law produce al kind of art from beads. This was a gift to me. They are on my wall in our " office"..

Saturday, February 04, 2006

More chickens

There is a small problem to upload pictures to my blog. But they are working on it. Nice to have people who work at a weekend time. I like to show a calendar I received thius week from a former neighbour. The lady always think about me when she see chickenthings. Now I have the same when I see work of the famous Dick Bruna. She collect Nijntje (Miffy) and other drawings.
Bruna also designed stamps for Japan and The Netherlands and may be more countries.
Will show some pictures later. If you wish look at :
My Silky-chickens are producing eggs at the moment, you will say that is normal, but in the wintertime it is less production when your not put extra light in the poultry-house. Sometimes it stops for a few months, production of eggs.
If you don't know the silkychickens :

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