Sunday, March 29, 2009

Great Silky Postcard

Did receive this great postcard from Leonard last week. It show a Silky chicken and is an issue from Grand Heilman Photography when you look at the backsite. Its a card issued in 1976 (year of copyright)  I did look at the site of that firm if I could find this card but I could not find it. Looks like a huge firm these day's with thousand and thousands of cards. 
The card was mailed from Antwerp(Belgium) to NYC 10021.  A pitty the Europe stamp is damaged, but this one comes in my chickencard collection so np.

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Friday, March 27, 2009

Golf association

Nice stamps I find them. New "stickerstamps" for internal use in The Netherlands. That's the face value of € 0,44 till 20 grams. Of course you can use them also to friends around the world.
I often do that, like to sent and receive nice covers. These stamps were not issued on Februari 24th as it says on the sheet. It was a week later or so. Makes them not more valuable. This new selfadhesive stamps are possible the new frame for personalized stamps. We have two versions now with "normal" stamps. Maybe they change it later to this type of stamps. I 'like both options...
Btw if you like a Golfstamp, mail me, will keep 3 for friends who mail me.

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Nice mail today

Nice to receive surprice letters in your mail. Today one of Jean-Claude who says that he likes my blog and also put some nice stamps form my topics in the cover. Thanks a lot Jean-Claude. Will sent you some stamps you asked for next week. On the cover two stamps about a serie Filmmaking from de USA. Will see for the details later but there must be at least 6 stamps in that serie. I have 05 and 06 now. To make the postage complete also some nice 3 cents stamps.
Have to go now for the reception of the 25 year of our Animal Club Dodewero, showed you the special stamp before.

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Horror 2009

Nice to exchange some stamps with friends. The mailman/woman is not -always- my friend.
The overs I receive from a friend of Denmark have mostly a nice cancellation. He used an overlay on the stamps with an example how to cancel the stamps. Did show it a long time ago I think. Now I think the same was on this cover. You see on the right a small part of the cancellation and I suppose the rest was on the overlay. Its a long way, Denmark-The Netherlands and the overlay went gone. Maybe in the transportation or the mailman/woman did removed it, saw the stamps did not have a cancellation and made a mistake by putting a cross on stamps at the cover. Only a small line under on the stamp is allowed. Maybe because we dont have a mailman but only deliverymen(cheaper).

Postzegels ruilen is een leuke bezigheid. De TNT promoot het dezer dagen behoorlijk, jammer dat de postbodes (postbezorgers) geen goeie opleiding krijgen. Deze brief heeft twee ongestempelde Deense postzegels. Het stempel staat waarschijnlijk op het briefje wat erop zat om te laten zien hoe er gestempeld moet worden. Zit wel meer op post uit Denemarken. Nu zijn de zegels wel ontwaard door de berzoger (?) Dat er een klein streepje aan de onderkant van het zegel moet is vast niet in de les doorgekomen. Grote kruizen dat is het nu. Een zegel is ook beschadigd of moet ik zeggen extra beschadigd? Gelukkig waren de zegels in de enveloppe wel mooi van kwaliteit.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

More transparant

A few days ago I showed the transparant stamp of Finland. It is hard to see on my pictures. Leo from Finland did have a good idea about this. Here you see the stamp of Finland on top of a chickenstamp from Turkey. It shows clearly (!!) the transparancy of this nice stamp.
Hier zie je de eerste transparante zegel uit Finland, overigens gedrukt bij John. Enschede, die ik op een Turkse kippenpostzegel gelegd heb. Je ziet duidelijk de afbeelding van de laatste doorschijnen door de Finse zegel. Dank aan Leo voor het idee van presenteren.

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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Dagpauwoog, Butterfly

Last issue from our TNT. A nice sheet and a lot more to come. Only this one is availeble at the postoffice. If you want the complete set you have to invest € 15.= a month for the next 2,5 year. You will get every month two sheets with butterflystamps.
A total of € 450.= for a special collection. I think its a lot of money.
They sell them as personalized stamps but I think that is not correct. This stamp will show up in the cataloque but the others won't.
Wonder if they sell a lot of this stuff. Its all "overdone" these day's with the issuetsunamie of stamps and so called issue's.

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