Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Handmade cards

Got some nice cards for my last birthday. Also a nice handmade card from friends in Zeeland, a nice part of The Netherlands, situated near the North-Sea. When we went there alway's try to catch some seafish when the laydies making cards...Of course it's a "chickencard" ,specially created for me. My wife also makes these kind of cards. Its a nice hobby here in The Netherlands and also other parts of Europe. Maybe you also have received a handmade special card, if so let me know in the comment part of this blog. If you like to see more cards my wife make see :

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Chickenthings Fair

Not at home when I write this. Did some fishing today with my brother in law. He beats me 7-1 with the fish. Cold and a bit rainy day today. With some good rain-cloting it was good to do. Saw in the local paper that next Sunday there is a chiceknfair in Haarlem. Haarlem is the capital of Noord(North)-Holland, a province in the Netherlands. Never heard about such a fair. Maybe we still here and I can visit that. Stamps, cards, pins, sigarbands, cards, books and paintings wil be there. To trade or exchange. Did not know that of course otherwise brought some of my duplicates with me. So on this computer I dont't have a picture to show you.
When I look more carfull found a "personal" Rembrandt stamp. Maybe show this before but I am not aware of it. When you get older, losing your..... indeed.
This stamp is not an official issue.


Sunday, May 21, 2006

Cock Fighter

Here a native cockfighter from Pilipinas. Think its a Labuyo, thats what the stamp says.
The stamp is from 1992, so if this is a picture of the cock it is sure he is not with us anymore.
Most chickens are 6 weeks and than frozen in the shop to serve you and me as a -part- of a meal or a snack by the telly. Cock fighters are also to make money for her owners. You can asked yourself what is better for the chickens... Death or death... To be or .....indeed.
Did you have your chick this week??

Friday, May 19, 2006

Fairy-tails ? from Ukraina

Today, after a busy week as you could notice by my blog, I received a nice gift for my birthday. Stamps and also a -for me- new chickenstamp. Its from Ukraine, or how you write that in English or American, and I thinks its a fairy-tail picture. There are tree stamps with pictures that look so to me. Maybe some-one now the real thing. Of course I can look it up and let you know about it, but that will take some time. On the picture you see a hen, don't think it's a rooster, on a fence(?) or on a balance beam. Its balancing with an egg, very dangerous for that egg..If you know the story of this, put it in your comment. Also, like my friend JimmyB alwaĆ½'s says, click on the picture and you don't need glaces.. Nice you back again....

Monday, May 15, 2006

Old stamps on recent letters

Several times I receive letters from the US of A. As people know that I collect -also- chickenstamps there are some times nice stamps on the cover. Also from an issue in 1948. The 3 cents stamps are still allowed on covers to pay the costs of sending a letter(for a part of course). In The Netherlands we don't have that for a long time. Only since 1977 the stamps keep their value for paying the postman. Because a lot of stamps are more valuable MNH than used it is not common to do so. Last week I received such a letter, with all "old" stamps on them, maybe to much on the cover, the cancellation was to much work for the post. You see here what -sollution- the postman has. Indeed good for the house of horror..

Thursday, May 11, 2006


The weather here in the Netherlands is to nice to make a daily blogg message these day's.
Just like Spain in my back yard and therefore no big essay. Maybe we go to Spain this year, the mountains near France, so if it is no good we be back soon in France, the place we like to go for many years for a nice stay in holiday-time.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Karel Appel 1921-2006

Karel Appel, a great(?) Dutch painter. One of the famous Cobra group, with Constant and Corneille. This stamp was issued on 5-7-1988 in the theme "modern art". Some people say that the paintings of Appel are easy to make. My child can do that. Of course your child can do it, but try to make so much money out of that art as he did... This stamps shows Cobra Cat and that was painted in 1950. If you like the painting, I don't have it, but a used stamp you can get from me.

Friday, May 05, 2006

World Soccer Stamps 2006

Think the soccer championship 2006 in Germany gives a lot of stamps. Here we have a sheet of 10 with Dirk Kuyt from Feijenoord. If you want one, mail me will exchange for an other personal stamp..

If you want more, and pay more too, you can get 2 sheets with 20 different players from The Netherlands. If you want your own stamp you can order them also. Realy personal this time mr. KG.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Cock Fighting

In Thailand for instance you have cockfighting. This could be a local custom to do so but also it is possible to make big money with bets on the cocks. Cockfighting could end in the death of one of the cocks, maybe not nice, but don't we have bull fighting, war all over and more not so nice things. This is a realy nice card, just got it in to-day's mail from Australia. You see the content of a blogger is comming from everywere, and on a daily base.

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