Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I did show one cards of Bigfoot. Now you see a picture of the Golf & Countryclub "Bigfoot"

Nothing to do with stamp or chickenthings but nice to see.

The Bigfoot must be out there but I think he is hard to find. I also think that the nice cards from Willow Creek do need nice stamps which their national animal. Maybe the next picture will help.

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Lottery stamps

New marketingthings with the Dutch stamps. At the end of the year there are 2 different kind of stamps. Cheaper for the end of the year mail. 0,29 in stead of 0,44 cents for greetingcards. Als of course other mail, who could look inside. Now we have these stamps with a lot of snowthings on them.

The other stamps has a part you can open with a coin or so. Then you see the message : no price or you can win 50 euro and more. Biggest price is 50.000 Euro (so $ 75.000.= ) You have to share a price with the receiver of the stamp so both will get half the money. Good thinking otherwise you won't stick any stamp on a letter but open them all.

You can see the picture below.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

How to grow eggs

I could say that I know something about breeding chickeneggs, but this way is also new for me.
It must be an chickenegg, wonder how long it takes to get a new chicken.
Always looking for worldwide nice cards of stamps know.

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Personal stamps, censorship, censuur

As you can see in this blog I like personal stamps, so is also Johan who has a very nice site about stamps. Only in Dutch but one of the best here. This design of Johan was not allowed by the Dutch TNT Mial. Proud of Dutch Stamps it say┬┤s. The Proud of slogan is used by a political party here. There are a lot of names registered the last time. Why not proud of Dutch Stamps if you want to sell them to collectors? Why do we have censorship in this country?

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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Save the Mailman

The postman alway's rings twice... That service is long gone. On of our political party did make this layout. You can use it in the personal stamps ,which you can order here. I did not see this personal stamp in my mail. I like to have some US personal stamps with my logo in it, can you help me ?

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Great to receive letters from all over the world from readers of my blog. This reader mailed a very nice letter and also some nice stamps. Also mentioned the birth of our first grand daughter with his congratulations, thanks.
Do have some more covers and letters which need action and replay. Could take some time Charlie, but I won't forget you. Will mail you 50 Dutch stamps to exchange.
Will started bit by bit (!) with my new site : Will need more time in this life..

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Sunday, November 11, 2007


Last week I did visit our stampclub meeting. It was nr 3 of the season and the first time I went.
Very busy evening with a lot of people there. I thing half the numers of the total members is a lot. At the meeting I found this stamp(?) besides some nice new chickenstamps which were not in my collection before and a lot of stamps for friends around the globe.
Do you know what kind of stamp this is? I would like to know.

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Saturday, November 10, 2007


Here you see the winner of the contest for a new Dutch mourning-stamp.
The theme of this stamp is "eternal emptiness" There will be 1,000,000 printed. But do we have a official stamp or a backdoor stamp, as sombody here called these TNT products in co-production with great firms.

Monuta heeft gekozen. De nieuwe Nederlandse rouwzegel is bekend nu. Laat hem hier zien. Hierna de tekst van Monuta :
Nederland heeft nieuwe rouwpostzegel
Lilian Kemmeren, van harte gefeliciteerd met het behalen van onsterfelijkheid met jouw winnende ontwerp. En natuurlijk ook met die geweldige iMac!
Maandag 8 november maakte Alof Wiechmann, directeur bij Monuta, de winnaar bekend. Het winnende ontwerp 'eeuwige leegte' van Lilian Kemmeren blonk uit op drie aspecten. Alof Wiechmann hierover: "De winnende zegel moest voor ons een mooie symboliek hebben, herkenbaar zijn als rouwzegel en inzetbaar zijn in heel Nederland. Het ontbrekende puzzelstukje is een prima metafoor voor het gemis na een overlijden."
If you want to see al the designs of this contest :


Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Do we still have phonecards these day's or do we all have a cell/mobile phone now.

Think it's a nice card, I don't have this in my collection because i would remove the (41) part.

If you have any and want to trade this or these with me, let me know.

As you konw I alway's like chickenthings.

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Back in town

It does take some time, beeing a grandfather. Back at home I show you some stamps. Do have a lot of other pictures of Isa but that's not for this blog.

This a sheet of 3 poultry CTO's, pictures cancelled to order. A lot of countries also called these products stamps. They won't see a letter but only the people who collect them. Because they have chickens on them, or trains, or butterflies and a lot more. Do we need these products?

If we still buy these things they will appear every week/month/year. This sheet was a present for me, just because I collect chickenstamps. Thanks to Antonio who also manage the stampkidssite..

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