Friday, September 26, 2008

frog on stamp

If you collect stamps with frog's I have a nice item for you. If you like this one mail me your address and it is yours. This is a personal stamp I produced and I like to give away one.

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Sunday, September 14, 2008


When you look carefully to this stamp you see that it's good for topiccollectors.
See a fish, could use that in my collection fish. See a lighthouse, even it is small. Must this stamp also in such a collection? What are the rules to that? Also you can see a biker, so if you collect bikes than its also a must for your collection? There is more topic on it : mailboxes, trees, birds?
Just see what to do with it. Keep it or asked friends if they need it for their topic...

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Friday, September 12, 2008

Trees at our local stampclub

In 2007 we have had 4 issue's with sheets with trees in the four seasons. You see the springsheet here.

Yesterday we did have the designer of these sheets at our local stampclub. Marlous Bervoets, who is living near by, did told us about how she became the order from TNT and how she started to get information about trees and more. Starting with a breefing, get a contract from 20 pages, the hurry and deadline of the order. Later on there was a delay of a year and also the value raised from € 0,39 to € 0,44.
It was a very nice evening and I did made some pictures. Show you some.

You can see a study of the springtree sheet with the old value (difficult to take a picture from a powerpointpresentation on the wall)

The president of our club say thanks to Marlous for the nice evening and information.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Waiting 4 me??

I know, don't post a lot on the blog lately. I want to show you a new personal stamp. That also takes some(!!!) time. I like to produce that kind of stuf and sell them to have my own 'personal stamps for free. Nice to try and find out what items are "in" in the Market. I see here ( The Netherlands) that low issues (10-40) are selling at prices that you may think they could be better. Where do you find such low issues you can buy for less than € 10,= ( USD about $ 15,00 ??) Today my new chickenstamplogopersonalstamp(......I am there)

If you like one of these, mail me. For the address : htttp:// ( 2 for this action...)

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