Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Year of the rooster 1993

Some nice cancellations (Germany and New Zealand) The last one is for The International Stamp Exhibition which was in Taipei 1993. Also for the year of the cock? The three $ 1.00 stamps (first round stamps?) of New Zealand don't show chickens. The rooster on the enveloppe is very nice and also the cancellation of the post stand from New Zealand in Taipei.


Monday, November 27, 2006

1948 US Chickenstamp

Also a part of the collection I bought. Shows the US chickenstamp from 1948. Issued on september 9th of that year. Do have 3 FDC , all different. Here -in The Netherlands- we have official FDC's from 1950 with all the same picture. The FDC's of this chickenstamp are not. 100 years US Poultry Industry and also the 100th Anniversary from the First Boston Poultry Show. $$$$ are very important as you can see on the enveloppe. Poultry's shows here are not initiated by the industry but breeders who keep the chickens for hobby.


Sunday, November 26, 2006


Show some "definitives" from 2006.
There are used for mail outside Europe, and of course if you want it by priority. Could be also by airmal, but we don't have that stamps anymore. On January 1st (2nd) 2007 alle the rates for stamps are going up. Ever hear about the other way around???

As a collector of used stamps of the Netherlands you don't see them a lot, also our Beatrix common stamps with higher € value are hard to get. If you have some, let me know, like to exchange them...

These are also stamps with a "strange" value, only local post 100-250 and 250-500 gram.

Mail yourself or family thats the way to get them used......


Saturday, November 25, 2006

Merry Old Christmas

This is a nice card I received last week from a friend in USof A. Thanks. It is a card with a reproduction of "Winter Morning" wicht is from an original Currier and Ives print. Have no idea who they are, but maybe worldfamous in th US of A. Is show's us an "Old Christmas", think the mean not the commercial one.... Nice to see the chickens and animals in the snow and not on a plate....


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Flying machines

Got a nice FDC from Eric with all kind of machines we -mankind- invents in the past centuries. Sorry we don't have these machines, will be very quit and don't have so much pollution. At the moment we are using all kind of material of our planet, thats is good if we use all the same small amount. Thats the big problem. 20% of mankind use 80% of our natural stock, or shall we say waste...(In a 100-200 years I assume we are running out of material) and maybe then this are still the machines for the future...Or do you think we have not a future then ???.Thanks a lot for the nice cover Eric.


Sunday, November 19, 2006


R-S of my collection. In the time I show till S I got more chickenstamps, so it is not "complete" my collection on Blogger anymore you see. Thats one of the bad habits from collectors, not complete. Alway's want more and things you don't have. Think it is better to be happy with the stamps you have and if there will be more in time, wonderfull. Like used (nice cancellation) the most, but what do you need first to get used stamps????


Saturday, November 18, 2006


Today part two of my new collecection. Two nice cancellations as you can see. 15-10-1960 at utrecht The European Poultry Conference. Where did they talk about then?? Maybe its to google... The French Revolution cellebration also was good enough to have a nice stamp. The cancellation is from a contest for cocks. Which cock could crow the best, or the most in a limited time. We won't know the result. Still very nice items.


Friday, November 17, 2006

Presentation of stamps for a show

Never did contribute to some Philatelic Show. The guy I bought some items from as I told you earlier did. Show you a first item. It is about the chickenwelfare in Europe. We have a lot of chickens in "laybatteries" if that is English, if not I suppose its understandable for you.

First two stamps who shows the housing of egglaying chicks. Then a cancellation (maybe there is a better word for this) what says Gone with the laybatteries in EEG. Date was 21-7-1982, and we still have a lot of that producingtype for eggs. Then he shows a "free" chicken. Not to say that this are real free chickens and not egg producers for mankind. More to come, and as my friend Jimmy always say ; click on the picture .................


Thursday, November 16, 2006

Easy day

I know, easy, but I have to show them all. So this is P-R. Do we have Q states with stamps?

Do'nt think so. Quatar is to hot for chickens....


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Collection n-o

Today N-O collection. Just bought a small collection chickenstamps, cards, cancels and FDC's.
Put a free advertisment in the national animalmagazine we have. As a clubmember you receive that every month. The fellow who sold the lot did show with it on a local club. Will show it all when I have more "blogtime". For now you can also look at the Dutch stamps with chickens on it. Also 1 from Austria, there must be more at least 10, poultry, not sure they al are chickenstamps..


Monday, November 13, 2006

New chickenstamps(4me)

Two nice stamps with chickens on them. Got them on my last visit on our local stampclubmeeting. Just paid € 0,10 for those two nice stamps. We have a look of books with stamps which the club sell for € 0,05 each. You have to take the time to look again and again when you looking for chickenstamps as I do. Most are albums of countries, but also some thematic are there. Flowers, animals, birds and so on. Our member who managed this passed away last year and now there is not a follow up with new stamps. In time the left overs will be in the auction. We discussed a new way to trade easy on clubevenings. In January 2007 you can put an album with your € 0,05 stamps on a big table. Everyone can look in that and takes what he/she likes. At the end of the evening you get your money (if you sell 1 or more stamps of course) end you take the book back home. Maybe this is also a nice way to trade your common or not needed stamps. Will let you know later. Also let you know that the Japan stamp was designed by a Dutch fellow. Dick Bruna, also designed Dutch stamps too.


Sunday, November 12, 2006

More chickens

Just forgot the weekend. Did a lot of "other" things than blog of updated pages I have.
Show a nice card I received last week. The Chicken (hen) said here that this is the last time she will have kids. Next year she will use "the Pill". We people have that and other possibilities to limited our number of childeren we like to have. Not everyone on this planet does have the same possibility, some places on earth are still natural, but we are able to make a mess of this world in a short time. If we keep going on we soon have no place and materials, food and other things mankind needs on this planet. Strange I have such feeling with a nice card like this.Be back tomorrow....


Friday, November 10, 2006

RSA Chicken??

When I sign in with blogger beta I could mark the remember me field. Do that every time but no-one remembers me.... Even my computer don't do that so I have to fill in the whole lot every time I want to let you know something new or old. Still like to do so.

Today found a stamp or RSA with a great bike on it, looking also for bikes, flags, frogs, and so on for friends. When I look carefully I see also a smal chicken in this picture. If you have other idea's about the bird let me know. Maybe I see chickens everywere and also when they are not there.

Also a detail of the stamp...

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Maximumcard Chicken

Today got a nice maximumcard from Norway. Think it is the first one I have, a card with chickens and a chickenstamp on it. There are a lot of people who collect maximumcards. On the cards you must have the same picture or a part as there is on the stamp. Also beedes is a cancellation on the First day of Issue of the stamp.
When you look to the cancellation you see a beehive, the stamp was one of two, the other was issued for The cellebration of 100 years bee-keepers club. Also the General Chicken Club Norway existed 100 years then. The chickens on the card are Leghron, the brown cock yoe see on the stamp.

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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Chicken and Ducks

Got from Ebay a nice card with chickens and ducks on it. The card was sent 13-05-1920 from Leeuwarden to Winterswijk, both in the Netherlands. The card did get there on 14-05-1920.

Printed in Germany and for the european market. Carte postale, Postkarte, Cartonila postale. Postcard it says and also the same in Russian, but do I have that lettertype in my PC ?

Better show you also the backside where you can see the stamp used, 2,5 cents green of 1899-1913. When I look in the cataloque I see there are plate mistakes. Cant see that',because the cancellation is in there were the mistake could be.

Like this card...


Monday, November 06, 2006

Dutch Childrens Welfare 2006

Show you the new “Children” welfare stamps we have here in the Netherlands. Since 1924 we have them and the extra payment you do when you buy them is for children welfare. In our country schoolchildren sell those stamps. This year there is a new record. They sold for
€ 8,400.000 stamps, don’t know if that is the amount for the welfare of the sale of the stamps. Even the text page on TV did not give me the answer. If you collect bikes as a topic you need these stamps also. Have to say that projects are all over the world. If you like to see more :
http://www.kinderpostzegels.nl Several languages....


Sunday, November 05, 2006

More collection

Today 2 pages of my colection. Owe you that after a weekend with no new bloginformation. Be back now and will update also to-morrow. Did not catch any fish and also it was a bit cold outside. You see the stamp with the cock and the space thing? Could use that in both collections but here it is, with the other chickens.


Thursday, November 02, 2006

My collection chickenstamps

Today show the stamps from H-I. India, Indonesia, Israel and Italy, Iceland too. Do miss some stamps from Ireland, Ivory Coast and Iran. They also have chickenstamps, at least poultry. Not all poultry stamps are chickenstamps but the other way around they are all.....


Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Today got a mail with some pictures of transportation in our world. There are a lot of creative people who are able to transport all kind of different things in a -for us- strange way.
One of the pictures is of a chickentrader, maybe going to the local market. Want to show you this because every "chickenthing" I like to have and let you see this chickenthings. If you have something, let me know.


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