Monday, November 13, 2006

New chickenstamps(4me)

Two nice stamps with chickens on them. Got them on my last visit on our local stampclubmeeting. Just paid € 0,10 for those two nice stamps. We have a look of books with stamps which the club sell for € 0,05 each. You have to take the time to look again and again when you looking for chickenstamps as I do. Most are albums of countries, but also some thematic are there. Flowers, animals, birds and so on. Our member who managed this passed away last year and now there is not a follow up with new stamps. In time the left overs will be in the auction. We discussed a new way to trade easy on clubevenings. In January 2007 you can put an album with your € 0,05 stamps on a big table. Everyone can look in that and takes what he/she likes. At the end of the evening you get your money (if you sell 1 or more stamps of course) end you take the book back home. Maybe this is also a nice way to trade your common or not needed stamps. Will let you know later. Also let you know that the Japan stamp was designed by a Dutch fellow. Dick Bruna, also designed Dutch stamps too.



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