Thursday, August 31, 2006

Karel Appel 1921-2006

This stamps will be availeble tomorrow at our postoffices. Think it is nice to live in a small place where the people at the local supermarket also have a post-agency. Today I bougt these stamps to early, I know but they did not look at the MS. I bougt the two (2) sheets they have and mailed one to myself with cancellation 31-8-2006. Nice stamps, last design/painting from karel Appel who died in 2006. If you want such a stamp, mail me: the first one gets one.
Hope the letter I send will be here to morrow.

Monday, August 28, 2006

The Country Inn

Would you not want to get these times back? It's a postcard posted in 1910. Sent from York Springs (postmark) to York Springs Pa. Show also the backside with in the upper left corner some cryptography. Thanks to John James for this nice card.

Sunday, August 27, 2006



Estate of John F.Edmands

Nice card, received from John J.Basso. Shows the estate of some-one called John F.Edmands, property B.P.L. July 1941. What means B.P.L.?
Could not find anything on the www.
The card ia issued by Photochro,ie, serie 148 nr. 2753. If serie 148 are all chickencards.......
Where is this picture taken ? Must be summer then.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Modern Stamping

Show you a cover I received this week. You see a nice block of Swiss stamps. Issued in 1991 700 Year "Confederatio Helvetica"
Nice to see al the 4 languages they speak in Swiss. German, Italianisch, France and Rätoromanisch. The four stamps makes the Swiss Cross.
On the envelop there is also a sticker from Selektmail. Selektmail is another mailservice we have here in The Netherlands. At the moment they only can deliver letters from 21 grams or more. (This one was 30) Why it has to say that "The mail is paid" ( port betaald) is not clear to me. It gives also our postal code (6669) and housenumber (12) If TIM 662 is the mailman I don't know.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Where do you come from ??

Country Name


United Kingdom

United States






Poultry-Yard in Bandra

Nice old card I got from Ebay. It is a card from Bandra, the St.Josephs Convent which show us some chickens and the people who lives there.
The card was shipped on April 25th 1931 and was send from India to Belgium.
The postmark say to us that it was there on May 10th 1931, there is no name of city to see on the mark. The Postcad was send to Soeur Marie-Monique in Cointe (Near Liege-Luik)
You can see how to get a lot of chickens on one picture, just feed them.
On the backside of the card, show also, you see" Bij Europe mail" what does that mean, maybe because India was British they have European mail there? Or the sender did not know what she was writing about..

Monday, August 14, 2006

Cock Fighting-II

Show you before, a stamp with a cockfight on is. This one from the Philipinas. Think it is a nice stamp but maybe the scan could a bit better. Cocks fight for the leadership of the group what includes the hens. People also have some cocks, they fight for ............. or against.
Mostly windmills, like the fellow in the Spanish story of Don Quichotte. Think this stamp is some painting.
Do you also think most bloggers blog for themselves? And do you have any idea how many we are??

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Children and Chickens

Nice stamp from ??? Shows a drawing from children, or is it possible that a grownup designer makes such things? You often see drawings like this, more animals on each other. Is it also some fairytail or story. Do you know this?

Monday, August 07, 2006

More questions

Here a nice stamp from Hungary, or is it not a stamp in the way we like to have. Still a nice item for my collection.
Don't have any idea were this story is about. Think it must be some story.
The cock looks a bit ??, yes what does he look like.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Fairy-tails ? from Polen/Polska

Show you a nice stamp from Poland. Who is on top of this flighing cock? I don't have any idea. Do have a few of these chicken-story stamps. Show you one before I think from Ukraine.The fellow has a big moustache and it must be a little one, or a very big chicken of course.

Will show some more next week.

Have a nice week and if you collect chickentings:

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Something else

No stamps or chickenthings today. If you don't agree let me know it will not happen every day....(week). On my trip to find Rembrandt booklets I saw also that the posoffice has special coins of € 5 . Show you a packed one and also the backside. The occasion is the 400 birthday of painter Rembrandt van R(h)ijn .Nice coin, you can pay in the whole Netherlands with it. A bit strange since the currency is Euro.. If you want to know more : and you need a translating program I suppose..

Anybody interested in such a coin?? Mail me and maybe we can work something out..

If you have coins,banknotes of phonecards with know what you can do..

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Letter Stoneham

1883 Letter from Stoneham

So I have this old letter from Stoneham. Will show it later, blogger is not working the way I want.
The letter is still inside the envelop. Its from 14-6-1883, the postmark a day later. Where does Stoneham lies? See somthing like Mass Or Miss? Strange you can read the letter from some one who is not with us anymore. The letter is to a Mrs Martha Sale I think. From A Sarah E.Chase. On the otherside of the letter is an other address : Deerfield Center. Must be a big place. The letter is a repeat of an earlier request if she can stay there for some time. Holiday ? We will never know.

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