Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Modern Stamping

Show you a cover I received this week. You see a nice block of Swiss stamps. Issued in 1991 700 Year "Confederatio Helvetica"
Nice to see al the 4 languages they speak in Swiss. German, Italianisch, France and Rätoromanisch. The four stamps makes the Swiss Cross.
On the envelop there is also a sticker from Selektmail. Selektmail is another mailservice we have here in The Netherlands. At the moment they only can deliver letters from 21 grams or more. (This one was 30) Why it has to say that "The mail is paid" ( port betaald) is not clear to me. It gives also our postal code (6669) and housenumber (12) If TIM 662 is the mailman I don't know.


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