Friday, February 29, 2008


Nice a postcard with a personal stamp on the back with the same picture. Did not see these before. Your own postcard with your own stamp. Great idea from Jay, he mailed this one and also some nice stamps. Could help him with some covers for his collection.

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Great card

This nice card I received from Olga in Moscow. Its a German card showing a drawing from a book. Did tell you (thanks to Olga) that it shows a Czech cartoon hero, do not know his name. She got the card from Japan and now its here in The Netherlands after his journey to Russia. Great to receive such cards from friends around the world.

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Stamp exhibition

Today I went to a stamp exhibition near Nijmegen. The second of 10 shows that will take place in The Neherlands this year. 100 years NBFV (Dutch clubs of Filately) Show you an enveloppe (nr 2) I bought there with the special stamp and cancellation on it for this occasion. Also a nice postcard of a Dutch Chicken I found there. Van Gink was a great creater of drawings of chickens. Of course I also do have some cancellations on "personal"stamps, maybe show these later.

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Saturday, February 23, 2008


Hier zie je het wapen van de gemeente waar in wij wonen. Neder-Betuwe.
Leuke persoonlijke postzegel vind ik zelf.

You can make a lot of nice stamps here in the Netherlands. This one shows the coat of arms from our muncipality. Think the colors are great here and I think I will make some more from the places I was born and lived in. There are a lot of items you can make stamps for. Is they are interested for others you can sell some and have a few for free if you are lucky....If you have a nice item for such a stamp and you want one or more, mail me at

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Choice of the Dutch.

This sheet will be issued on march 18t. It are 5 designs of stamps which were nominated out of a lot. You could make your own design, a heart must be in it, and the winners do live for ever with these stamps.....No stickerstamps, special, but a bit late for Valentine. We are not Valentine people here, thats to commercial and we have a lot of "normal" things to celebrate. Big discussions about these stamps. The figures are into the so called personal stamps 2008. These you can make yourself, did talk about it earlier. These are no so personal, even a barcode on them. But the base is the same. Value for mail inside our country or for instance to Canada, USA, two with 4 cents extra (need 2x2 cents then)

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Sunday, February 17, 2008


Nice stamp, difficult for cancellation and also, because its real silver, not as easy to keep in a fine way. This was the last Dutch stamp in 2001 with only the Guilder (Gulden) value on it. Did not see many used ones before last week when I found some on my stampclub. I do have it MNH in a special pack, but now also in my used collection. The others I sell on Ebay and Delcampe now.
On the stamp you see half a guilder
half front and half back. Think these stamps are nice, you could use them for registered mail.
There are a lot of issues with other material then paper. Gold, wood, silver, textile and maybe you know more, let us know.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Two currencies

Cyprus is coming to Europe. Also use Euro's and Pounds (did not see that sign on my keyboard... alt156 £ indeed.) 2007 is the second year, as far as I know, that there are issued with the new euro and the old value. This , and some more, were on a nice pack stamps I did receive last week from a trade. More soaking to do but that's nice. This stamp is part of a sheet of 8 stamps, showing Cyprus trough the ages. This stamps is about the old kingdom's they have had there. Nice stamp for mapcollectors too.

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Monday, February 11, 2008

DDR cover

Nice cover with a Phoenix cock. Been away for some day's and did buy a new cock for my lady silkies. Must be a youngster, is interested in the ladies but also very quit. That will change in time. Hope to breed some better chickens this year with this new guy. The roosterstamp you see is one of a serie of 6 stamps, issued on Jan 23 1979. Total issue of this stamp 5.000.000. As you can see the cancellation is a bit later, must be some show of chickens in Berlin. Nice stamps with one (50 pfg) with a higher value and less issued.(2.000.000)

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Saturday, February 02, 2008

New chickenstamps(4me)

Today working on my enveloppes with stamps on and in them. These 4 chickenstamps I could add to my collection. Very nice to receive nice stamps so now and then, and when it are chickenstamps.........Indeed I have to find out if the Korean stamp of 1976 is showing a chicken, could be also another bird like a pheasant. If so it's family and I will put it with his fellow pheasants on a special sheet in my collection.

The Union of Myanmar( 1989) chickenstamp is my first of that country, do they have more? Maybe when it was Birma. The name Birma was also used again in 2007, but what's in a name when a stamp has chickens on it......

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