Sunday, January 29, 2006

Phonecards with Chickens

Today try to find some phonecards on EBAY. Just find 105 pages with more than 5147 pcs. After 45 pages without any chicken, hen, rooster of egg I started to do somthing else.
At the moment I have two (2) cards.
Both are cards from Polen, or is it Poland. The card you see is a little chick talking to his grandfather, I think. It is an old card, nowedays we phone on our PC with Skype or so.

You can alway's Skype me, not with a picture, thats to much for every-one.

If you find a phonecard with a chicken and it it still valid, call me.

Today my chickens produce 3 eggs, the weather was nice today, sunny and + 3 Celcius in daytime and -5 C last night. Still wait a month or so before I collect the eggs fo the new breed. In the meantime, boiling 2 minutes and ..........wonderfully.

The other card :

Nice rooster painted on an egg.

Still thet question what was first:

The egg or the chicken.

Let me know if you know..


Friday, January 27, 2006

Figures of the Good Intention Stamps 2005

The "Christmas" stamps for the Good Intentions has make a lot more € than in 2004.
In total we bought and send 15.000.000 stamps with an extra charge of € 0,10 each.
That is nett € 1.500.000.= for the 10 funds. € 400.000.= more than in 2004. The total amout of Decembermail is 200.000.000, this figure is there for several years now and don't change much.

With 16.000.000 people in this country we use 1 pcs each. Therefore I only have 6 in my collection now, not even all are different. To get them, that is collect stamps.

The decembermail was 2,5 million KG, our new caresystem was good for 3,3 million KG in december, so the mailman (more woman these day's here) had to deliver ca 150 KG pp extra.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Welfare stamps without perfin..

Example of book to sell stamps in our club.

Value 2

Today I looked at some English stamps to sell in our local club with singding around little books with stamps. (see scan) .
When i looked better at two stamps issued in 1975, S.Gibbons nr 970, Health and Handicap Funds. 4,5 + 1,5 P. I saw that there was missing a perforation hole in the upper stamp. In the lower stamp the punch is to see, but not completed. Also there is a little colour differance in the upper stamp near the bending in the arm of the figure. Maybe this is the big jackpot everyone is waiting for ?
Since the Dutch catalogue of 2006 has a special register of this printing errors there is a lot of offers on Ebay or Delcampe of these stamps. Maybe try this to make some -big- money.
Do have also some problems to add pictures here, Will do that later if everything works again.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Value of stamps.

Are stamps a good investment for later ?
When I see several people talk (write) about a good investment in stamps I have my doubts about this opinion.

Every year a lot of collectors buy a new catalogue to see what happens with their investment. I think that with all the Marketing people of the Post Offices we are now so far that we have a lot of issue's every year from all kind of States , Island empires, city's, new states and even your personal issues. Got an offer that I can order personal stamps outside my own country. A lot of the new issues are limited in numbers to create "value". Into a few years we don't use stamps for the purpose they use to be. Not on a letter but from your dealer into your album, cigarbox or banksafe. It is to hope that the $ and € will keep their value otherwise we sell for 70% or less of the issuevalue to the dealers, as you see now in the stamppapers and on the www.
I also bought a new catalogue for my Dutch stamps. What to do with your old one?

Maybe there is some-one who likes this, and if you have

an old Scott catalogue we can exchange these catalogues.

If you are interested let me know. If necessary I can give

some nice stamps with this catalogue.

The catalogue is only for Dutch stamps, prices in € (euro)

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Today's stampstorie

Today visit my local stampdealer. Local is in Wageningen thats acros the river Rine, the one of a bridge to far in WW II as you maybe know. Today I went there with the ferry-boat, a small one.

Just bought some litle bags to sort out my stamps. They have to fit in my sigarboxes. It seems to be that this format is not common these days, but in the end the man found a box of 1000 pcs, still 900 left if you want some.

Also asked for a catalogue of USA stamps. they were not in stock. Cheapest ( I am still Dutch) was the Scott of dec.2005 € 21.00 about $ 25,00. Because I only need till 1988 I also can try to look for a second hand. (email

Try to sell my Cyprus collection on : sellersname silky46

Maybe I make some profit there, it is realy more for the fun.

Show a few of these nice stamps here.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Nothing special today, also not much time for a great story. No mail with stamps today, but tomorrow she ("the mailwoman") will be there again.

Let you know.



Friday, January 13, 2006

New Dutch Definitive Stamps

10 different for use in The Netherlands € 0,39 each and 5 different for Europe.
Outside Europe I show later.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

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For more chcickenstamps go to :
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