Monday, April 09, 2012

Personal stamps from Finland

Here 4 great personalized stamps from Finland. These special issued stamps are for the cellebration of the Finnish railroads this year. They are 150 years young now. You see 4 old postcards from the railwaystation of Kerava. Kerava is a place in the North of Finland and is the first railroads from Helsinki to the north of Finland. The stamps were issued by the residents of Kerava. Good idea to do so, you will have nice stamps and local history too. The 4 cards are between over 100 years till over 50 years old. The station is still the same on all cards, on the last you see two tracks , they move the whole building some meters away to build that track. In the 150 years there were several modernisations done of course.
Thanks to Leo for the nice stamps and the story that goes with them.  On the cover also one stamp, no time for cancellation -again- in Finland....

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