Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring - Lente

Do you have also Spring in your country?  Most have I think. Here I show a minisheet that is a gift ( indeed) from the Dutch PostNL when you ordered for € 15.00 or more on stamps. No problem if you order normal stamps or special ones. The Collectclub is given away this nice sheet. It is called a Personalized Product in their way of marketingthinking. Do we need these kind of things? I think they hope more collectors like these products and buy them. There is an overflow of these products and I think that it will be soon over with stampcollecting in the "normal" way. On the last fair in Den Bosch Filafair there was a new product : a personalized stamp album, with printed pictures of the stamps...!!!???  In this album you see only the personalized PRODUCTS the PostNL issued and I am sure that are not personalized stamps.Personalized stamps could be made by you and me, even firms,  but not by the official National Post. I know its figting agains windmills, like that Spanish fellow, but I won't stop with that.........

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