Sunday, January 07, 2007

Plymouth Rocks

This is a very nice cinderella. Shows Plymouth Rocks chickens. On the stamp(may we call this so???) is in German the text : Creolin Medol may not missing in every poultry house. Advertisment stamps, there are a lot and they are hard to get, so valuable.
Nice chickentype Plymouth Rocks. At the first American Poultry-show in Boston ( 1849) there seem to have been some lage cuckoo-like fowls on display. In 1874 the barred Plymouth Rock were admitted to the American Standard. In 1880 the first Rocks came to England and in 1882 to The Netherlands.
They do go broody. The light-brown eggs weight 60-70 gram. The chickens 3000-4750 gramme.
Thanks to the nice book : Poultry Paintings 1890-1968 from the famous Dutch Chickenpainter mr.C.S.Th. van Gink.
Offered by the Board for poultry and Eggs in The Netherlands.

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