Saturday, December 30, 2006


Did not have any stampthing today. We worked in the kitchen and my wife Hanneke made some nice "oliebollen" for the Old and New Year happening we have together.



At Tuesday, January 2, 2007 at 8:05:00 AM PST , Blogger JimmyB said...

What exactly is oliebollen? Is it difficult to make?

At Tuesday, January 2, 2007 at 12:25:00 PM PST , Anonymous Cees said...

for the seizure -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 kilogramme flower - 1 litre lukewarm milk - 80 grammes leaven - 80 gramme (gentle) butter - 50 grammes white basterd sugar - 20 grammes lemon juice - salts 10 grammes - 3 eggs - (sunflower oil for deeping-fry) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- for the garnituur 75 grammes krenten - 100 grammes rozijnen - 100 grammes bigarreaux (geconfijt fruit) in bits - 200 grammes apple (gold chorus nets) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- for finishing 1 bus powder sugar -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- construction Late first of all the krenten and the rozijnen a couple hour swells in what lukewarm warm water. Make afterwards to the apples in small cubes of approx. 3/4 cm. lets in the meantime the krenten and rozijnen just as in a screen leak out. Joint now the krenten, rozijnen and appelstukjes together. Separately the leaven in lukewarm milk. The flower in very royale matters bowl and inmaak kuiltje in the middle, joint butter and sugar that kuiltje mix and slowly twisting milk by flower, until beautiful gladde mass arise. Salt, mix joint the lemon juice and and the garnittuur, rudder entirely even each other and joint as last it once again even well by dividing the paste it salt by. Leave whole now approx. 30 minutes on a temperature of approx. 30 degrees rise. Pay attention therefore, however, to, that you the bowl has chosen large, there you differently the danger enough runs that it litterally the pan rises. Granny used thus emmertje and covered these with a clean theedoek and let these behind the stove rise. After approx. 30 minutes she fell down the paste and left once again omhoog coming. Afterwards the whole once more well doorgeroerd became and could the afbakken start in oil of approx. 175 degrees. She used for that a wetted gravy spoon, but orders if you these possession ijsbollenschep, which announces of course also just as wetted to become. Barge always so much balls, which they clears still by the pan float. Let the oil balls leak out just as in a vergiet with possibly a piece kitchen paper. Serve the oil balls, on a preheated scale with what powder sugar. Check kindest from time to time, or the balls gaar are of within. This can arise, because oil is too hot or the balls too large.

At Tuesday, January 2, 2007 at 12:30:00 PM PST , Anonymous Cees said...

Jimmy: just take the Dutch recipy and put it in a translater.
Maybe it give's a small indication.
See they don't use beer in it, also possible(a bit)

krenten= currant
rozijnen = raisin
appelstukjes= small pieces of apple

oliebollen= wonderfull, tastfull


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