Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New Idea's for personalized stamps.

What I see here in The Netherlands is that there is a great issue of personalized stamps. I don't mean the "frame" stamps from PostNL but I have to admit that that has also a great numer of official and marketingissue's. A great offer of stamps means that prices, maybe also because of the economical situation, will stay low, special for new issues. Show you my last stamp with a theme that is a hot item in several countries who have "official" stamps with it.

I received also two stamps today won by a little contest. It is also a special thing and theme. The stamps does have the value Europe 1 and World 1 , to mention that we have no stamps for Europe 2 and World 2, but good for post till 20grams as we know and the normal users of stamps still wondering whats all about.

Can use them next year also...or put in an album...

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