Sunday, November 08, 2009

Spare stamps

All collectors got spare stamps or stamps that won't fit in their collection. What to do with these stamps? There are a lot of possebilities. You can try to exchange them on your local club.Sell them on the www. Ebay, Delcampe, Dupke and maybe 1000 or more sites to do that. On the internet there are also a lot of clubs where you can find friend to trade. Maybe to have to make a choice. Also you can join a "Forever Stamp Exchange". Think most collectors have one or more of these.
Here a small lot of Norwegian stamps I have for sale on a Dutch site : Marktplaats. (owned by Ebay these day's). You also can give it away to young collectors. Think thats a good idea, because we need youngsters in this hobby. If you know also a special way to exchange stamps, let us know.

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