Thursday, November 19, 2009

Decemberstamps 2009

Here you see the new Dutch December stamps. A -small- present from our TNT. You can mail your wishes till 50 grams for only € 0,34 in The Netherlands. Normal you have to pay € 0,44 (till 20 grams) or € 0,88 (till 50 grams). For friends or family outside our little country you have to pay the normal rates.
What do you think about this design? Personaly I like the colorfull stamps.
TNT has a contest. How many Christmas-New-Year cards will be send this year. If you want to make a change go to ..... Blond is the designcompany for this stamps.
Also it's possible to make your personalized December stamps. Maybe I will do so, have to think about it.Do have some left from last year

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