Tuesday, January 01, 2013

What are our stamps?

Here 3 covers of last week. The two on top with my new fishlinglicences for2013, the one below an inventation to become a millionair.  As you can see the first one was deliverd by PostNL, two stamps value 1 so it must be over 20 grams that shipment, Number 2 was delivered by Gerto Streekpost (did work there the last 3 years and maybe still do) Number 3 is delivered by Sandd ( last year also by Gerto, subcontracter of Sandd). The l st one did not have a real stamp, it is just printed on the cover.  The last you see more these day's, that makes me think that stamps are better for the image of companies and attention of the people to read a "real" cover with a stamp. Hope to fish a lot this year and also get a lot of new stamps. Will see what kind of them it will be.

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