Sunday, October 07, 2012

More stamp promotion

This week the second "free" minisheet I received. I ordered by PostNL some -normal- stamps (My wife use only stickerstamps on her mail) and did receive the sheet below as a bonus for my order ( € 15.= or more)

Very nice "autum" sheet with three stamps value 1 (still € 0,50 but € 0,54 on January 1, 2013.)
It what they call a personalized sheet, wrong of course,  but thats the way marketingboys and -girls think with "our" PostNL these modern day's. If you want to buy it its called a Postset ( with 3 postcards) and you pay € 4,95 for that.
I think now you have two kind of stamps, those for in your collection and those who you use for your snailmail. I do , sorry did, put it in my album Personalized stamps, strange but true after my story today....

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