Monday, February 06, 2012

Great cover and personal chickenstamps

When you "play" postcrossing you get a mail every month with your statistics. How many day's your mailbox was happy this month is one for instance. Last week my mailbox was also happy, not by postcrossing but a wonderfull personalized stamp from Leo  in Finland. Nor oly my mailbox was happy, that you can understand. What you see is a detail of a piece of graffiti "art"on a building at his place. Very nice to make a personalized stamp from that and mailed it to me. Strange, very indeed,  I made last week also a special personalized stamp for him. Bad that I mixed up with his topics so I have to see if he likes that stamp too. The stamp has a facevalue 1st class (Europe), we here in The Netherlands could order these since the first of Februari of this year, also for the World.  I did not order those, maybe later, but I prefer to use two personalized stamps local value, will be enough for Europe and the World.

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