Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Animal MS 4-10-2006

Today I was in my super-market to put some letters in the mail(and have nice cancellations on the stamps). Do you have the new stamps already the lady asked me? No I don't I said. The sheet I show you was issued today on our Dutch "Animal" day. There is also a booklet but I did not buy one......yet. With this sheet there was also a transparent film(sheet) and if you put that on top of the stamp, you can see how heavy she/he could be and also what the animal is eating.
I did do that and with a bit of luck you can see that indeed. A lot of interesting stamps for animal-topic collectors. (Eric, BenoƮt,Jan) No chickens today on this sheet. Only animals who are threaten in their existence are on this sheet. Like one of the sheet, mail me.....


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